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Animal Feed - Sheep

Denn Feeds carries a full range of sheep cubes and coarse ration.

The sheep range includes Lamb Grower, Lamb Fattener and Ewe Cubes.

All lamb and sheep feeds include a high-quality mineral to prevent urinary calculi while Megalac is included in our Ewe Cubes for the milking ewe.

Denn Feeds recognises that the two key areas in sheep production are lambing percentages and growth rates. This is why only the finest ingredients are used when feed is formulated by expert nutritionists.

Exceptional health and immunity status, high birth and growth rates and animal vigour are the hallmarks of Denn Lamb and Sheep Feeds.

denn sheep feed
denn sheep feed

Special Feed Formulations

All special dietary requirements for sheep flocks are welcomed by Denn Feeds.

Our excellent in-house software coupled with decades of expertise take the hassle out of finding a specific feeding formulation designed to maximise your stock.

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