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Biobooster Calf 18% has been formulated with optimum levels of starch from barley, wheat and maize, and is balanced with the best available sources of fibre and protein to ensure superior performance plus accelerated rumen development. Ingredients have been selected to ensure this feed is highly palatable to young calves.

Biobooster Calf 18% contains a well-balanced mix of vitamins and trace elements for young calf development. The addition of the Biobooster performance pack is to promote calf health and more efficient feed conversion.

Calf Feed

The Biobooster Rumen Pack components:


The essential oils in Biobooster help to stimulate appetite and kill the non-desirable bacteria, while the prebiotic acts as a source of nutrients for the healthy bacteria and therefore aids efficient digestion. Essential oils have unique properties and are effective in killing pathogenic bacteria, encouraging intake, or improving digestion. The essential oils within the Biobooster Calf ration have been carefully selected and balanced to give the maximum effect.


The probiotic quickly repopulates the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria. Probiotics work by ensuring the beneficial bacteria flourish and out-populate pathogenic bacteria. This improved bacterial population within the gut leads to improved digestion and better gut health, meaning a reduction in scours.


Functional fibres stimulate early rumen development, encouraging growth of the rumen wall, leading to a more developed rumen at an early age. They encourage improved dry feed intake; therefore, the calf becomes less reliant on milk at an early stage; making weaning easier.


Denn Bioboost Calf Milk Replacer is precisely formulated, containing specially selected dairy products. It includes highly digestible oils and proteins, plus vitamins and minerals to satisfy the requirements of rapidly growing calves. This easy-mixing milk replacer is suited to bucket feeding and automatic calf feeders. Denn Bioboost Calf Milk Replacer is whey-based and alongside the quality dairy proteins, it has additional amino acids added, to meet the requirements of growing calves.

The health package within Denn Bioboost Calf Milk Replacer contains:

  • Fibosel: A cell wall component, included to stimulate the immune status of the calf
  • Butyrate: Stimulates intakes and GI tract development (abomasum and small intestines)
  • Vitamin E: The high levels of Vitamin E help boost calf immunity

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